You see that adorable boy? That's Oscar. He's officially out of the crib and into Sebastian's car bed. That's my baby. He...


You see that adorable boy? That's Oscar. He's officially out of the crib and into Sebastian's car bed. That's my baby. He isn't a baby anymore. He's a little boy. A running, crazy talking, wild man. It happened so fast. I know everyone says that, "it goes so fast". Sounds cliche even repeating it because you hear it so much from older parents. But oh man is it true. And I know it will only go faster. I don't even want to imagine it going any faster.

Realizing how fast it's going is making me constantly reevaluate my life and how I'm spending my time. Our society is setup for distraction, so it's easy to lose sight of what's important. There's too many things wasting our time and stressing us out that just don't matter. I feel the only way to avoid this is to figure out what's most important and prioritize those things. And here they are:

1) Survival
2) Happiness

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I just boiled life down into the only 2 things that actually matter. Over-simplification is key here as we are purposefully trying to forget all the small things. Survival might sound like a given, but we often put things that will help us survive on the back-burner, like eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. You can only survive as a couch potato, eating junk food, and staying up all night for so long, it will eventually catch up to you. Staying healthy means staying alive. And happiness... well for me that's all about love; being with the people you love and doing the things you love.

With these two things in mind, I'm trying to find all the things that are wasting time in my life and get rid of them. Things like obsessively cleaning my house, stressing out about how little cardio I'm still able to do, worrying about money, work, or basically anything we'd coin a first-world problem, it's all a complete waste of my life. But you know what isn't? Spending time with Brian and the kids, cooking my family a healthy meal, doing yoga, going for a hike, camping, reading, writing, singing, gardening...and taking the time to think about what is actually important to my happiness.

So if you write me on social media and I take a week to reply, you know why. If you come over to my house and think "god what a mess", I hope you follow up that thought with, "good for her". If you try to make plans with us and get the reply more than once that we'll be busy, it's because we'll be camping, hiking, and adventuring as much as possible. But you are always welcome to join us. :)


  1. So very true. Life is too short and my babies are growing up so fast. I definitely need the constant reminder.

    1. Yep before you know it they'll be 6 and gone to their grandparents for Spring Break! (There's some good with them getting older too! :))