I have never tried one of these nifty link up posts, but thanks to my friend Danielle at Sparkles and Lattes , thought I would give it ...


I have never tried one of these nifty link up posts, but thanks to my friend Danielle at Sparkles and Lattes, thought I would give it a try. I'm linking up with Jess from The Newly for Confessional Thursdays.

I confess...

...I rarely (like once a month, or possibly less) spend more than 5 minutes doing my hair. And I don't understand why anyone does. Why can't our hair look like it actually is naturally? Especially when you live anywhere with weather, there's no point. I actually curled my hair for date night last weekend and I had to cover it up with a hood every time we were outside so the rain didn't ruin it. I felt like such a silly girl.

...silly girl things like above bug me to no end. No matter how dumb I think they are, I still catch myself doing them sometimes, all the while thinking about how stupid I'm being. I also hate that I have no other words to describe these types of things to you except "silly girl".

...I'm impatient with my children way too often. Like if I haven't had any caffeine in the morning, right after I get home from a hard day at work, anytime Sebastian interrupts Brian and I trying to have a conversation, getting the boys ready for bed with the screaming toddler who doesn't want us to brush his teeth and the 6 year old who has to be reminded 9000 times to get ready for bed. Some days I feel like an asshole mother and other days I think I'm actually very patient with them. I think it has to do with how well I slept.

...I have insomnia sometimes that will last several nights in a row where I felt like I was never fully asleep. It's the worst thing to have your kids be good sleepers and you be awake for no reason.

...I smoke weed with Brian sometimes. I've met tons of women who will easily admit that their husbands smoke but amazingly enough, the women never do. I call bullshit. I can't be the only women who likes a nice relaxing hit after the kids are asleep. It's one of the few things that helps me sleep. Come on ladies, 'fess up. It's no better or worse than drinking alcohol. It's legal here in Oregon so you can come out of the stoner closet now.

...I had way too much fun geeking out at work today learning to do animations with an html5 canvas, which is basic stuff for a javascript developer, but since I'm a c# dev, this was a nice change.

...as a teenager I didn't openly admit to all of my friends what a nerd I was/am, but now I'm slightly ashamed I used to keep it a secret. I'm teaching my boys to be nerdy, goofy, artsy, weird, whatever they want, and proud of it. 

...I'm writing this while in the bath. It's the only time I had today and I had to soak my leg which is super sore from my PT exercises. Don't worry, I never drop my phone and even if I did, it's waterproof bitches.

...I just looked down and realized how pink the water is... from my hair dye! Haha, you're welcome.


  1. You smoke weed? I'm shocked, SHOCKED! Hahahaha. Neat list of confessions Mel. You know, I bet most parents feel the same way about perceived impatience with their kids. I don't think I experienced it much with Armie, but perhaps his personality was just well suited to my discipline style. I eventually want to adopt kids or maybe have one made with some donor eggs and a surrogate. I suspect that they will require a different style than Armie did. Plus, even without my strict nature he was really, really good about going to bed. Ridiculously good about it. Enough that I started letting him stay up a little bit extra because he would go to bed without any complaint or argument. And you were a closet nerd back in the day. How very interesting. It must have been difficult concealing your interests and such. Fortunately for me all of my friends were nerds so I could be pretty open with them. So, what kinds of nerdy things did you keep concealed???

    1. Yes I figured some of those weren't big secrets! ;)
      You should definitely have a kid, you'd be a great dad! And yes every kid is so different.
      I don't think I ever completely lied about my nerdiness, I just didn't volunteer the information to any of my friends that weren't in my computer classes. I don't think many friends knew what a movie and book nerd I was either. :D

  2. I love your hair curled. Even if you don't get to do it often, or the rain makes you cover it with a hoodie. It is still beautiful. Especially since it is so long. Jealous over here haha. I am impatient with my children sometimes too and it breaks my heart. I yelled at Avery a few weeks ago and it broke my mommy heart. I am sure she didn't even remember it, but I do. It is hard being a parent. That is for sure. And I am only 13 1/2 months in. Crazy. Thanks for linking up today!

    1. Thank you! Yeah it doesn't get any easier with kids either, the older they get the more they talk back! But you'll definitely learn more patience as they grow too. Thanks for encouraging me, this was fun to write!