You read that right, a 15 month old post update, because the 1 year post I planned on writing is just now taking place, so we'll just pr...

Oscar- 15 Months!

You read that right, a 15 month old post update, because the 1 year post I planned on writing is just now taking place, so we'll just pretend like I did that on purpose (just to keep you guessing).

Since my last post about Oscar, around his 6 month birthday, he was well on his way to crawling. He started crawling not long after that post, and then soon after pulling himself to standing, and there he stayed for several months. He could walk holding on to things very well at 10-11 months, but he was too cautious to allow himself to let go. He took his first steps on his own at his birthday party, the day before he turned 1. It was the perfect time since some family and close friends were their to see it. We even caught the second walk on video, which was awesome.

In the past 3 months, he has progressed to speed walker/almost running. He loves walking everywhere you'll let him, and especially the places you ask him not to go. He also loves trying to jump, which he already can do on the kid trampoline and the couch. And then there's the dancing.

He's starting to say a few words, "dada" and "mama" being the first. And now most clearly is "hot" which is so funny since that was one of Sebastian's first words too. He is also very close on "duck" and "ball" and has many sounds for things that Brian and I recognize as words, but probably not anyone else yet. One day it sounded like he said "more please" when we were trying to teach him the signs for that, but he sadly hasn't repeated it. He has little interest in learning sign language, but we keep pushing the few signs we found most useful with Sebastian, and he's slowly starting to do them.

His favorite things right now are soft blankets, or softies as we've taken to calling them, and books. He's very interested in flipping through books and loves being read to already which is awesome. His favorite book right now is "Farm Animals- A Book About Animals Sounds". He tries to repeat some of them, and sounds like he's kind of growling in some combination of the "woof, woof" and the "quack, quack".

Sebastian and Oscar have started playing more together, usually games like peek-a-boo or some form of tag which is really just chasing each other around screaming and squealing. They also have made a game of spinning in circles and dancing around the room imitating each other. Sebastian has learned how to share very well with his brother, most of the time. Oscar can't wait to be able to do all the things his brother can do of course.

Oscar is a wonderful and incredibly happy toddler. I can see the crazy, scary toddler part coming right around the corner, but for now I'll just enjoy my happy boy.