Well you wouldn't know it from looking at my lack of posts, but my brain is constantly bursting with things I want to write about. Life ...

Super Fast Sebastian

Well you wouldn't know it from looking at my lack of posts, but my brain is constantly bursting with things I want to write about. Life is busy and good but I'm struggling to find a time to write. If I was one to make New Years resolutions, writing more would be top of my list. But I'd rather not set myself up for failure.

Since I'm months behind on a Sebastian update, I'll just dive right in. We had him evaluated by the school district and he qualified for free assistance. The plan we agreed on with a whole team of people we met with is to send an occupational therapist to his preschool once a month to see if there's anything they can do to help him with his writing. A physical therapist will also see him occasionally to make sure his gross motor skills aren't too far behind. Both therapists have been to the preschool for a visit or two and left us notes. They both saw the things we were concerned about and are doing what they can, which so far doesn't sound like a lot. But hey, you get what you pay for and it's free so I shouldn't complain. As far as regular physical therapy, we're just going to stick with keeping him active. He's still in gymnastics once a week and he's now riding his bike without training wheels! So while he may not be running well, he's doing amazing on his bike! I was several years older than him before I would even try to ride without training wheels, so I think he's going to be just fine on physical development.

We also had an appointment at Shriners Hospital for Children to see if he needed orthotics. They examined him, watched him run and walk, and did an x-ray of the entire bottom half of his body (awesome machine there got it all in one shot). All good news there, his legs are developing fine. With NF1, deformities of the shin bone, called tibial dysplasia, can happen making it look like this. So we were relieved to see he does NOT have this problem. They said one of his feet is a little flat footed, but orthotics won't help that.

Before the appointment Sebastian asked me why he needed to go to the doctor. I told him they were going to look at his legs and see if he needed something to put in his shoes to make it easier to run. He got all excited about the prospect of the doctors helping him "run super fast!" So he was very disappointed when we left without the magic thing in his shoes. I encouraged him by saying this was a very good thing that he didn't need any help, he'd be able to run super fast on his own if he just kept practicing. Inside I cringed at my own words though. Maybe he'll never be able to run super fast, or maybe he will. I never know what to say but I feel that encouraging him to keep trying is always the right thing. He has to learn to never give up.

Up next for super Sebastian is the long awaited appointment with a pediatric neurologist at the Providence Neurodevelopment Center. We'll see what kind of doctor books out 6+ months in advance. I'm hoping for Hermione Grainger.


Birthdays make most of us reflect on our lives and think about how the time is passing. New Years does the same thing. So when your birthday...

30 Happy Things

Birthdays make most of us reflect on our lives and think about how the time is passing. New Years does the same thing. So when your birthday is on New Years day, I'd say I get a pass on being a sentimental fool for a few days. So in the reflecting I've been doing, I realized a few things. First, 30 sounds so old when you're a kid, seems so far in the future. But it's here so fast and you quickly realize, you have to pay attention, or life is literally going to pass you by. Second, 30 is not old. If you disagree, talk to my 88 year old grandma. And third, I am ridiculously happy with where my life is. Much more happy than I would have ever imagined being. And with a much different life than I imagined for myself. So here are some of those things that make me happy, in no particular order and with as little editing as possible.
  1. The happy "good morning, mommy" from Sebastian every day.
  2. The giant grin on Oscar's face every day when I say "good morning!"
  3. Brian's tossled curls every morning.
  4. A promising career and a job I actually enjoy going to.
  5. A husband who will throw me a surprise party.
  6. Friends who will come to said party, even though they only had a weeks notice. 
  7. Friends with kids who are going through the same things as us on this parenting journey.
  8. Friends without kids who don't mind spending time with our crazy family.
  9. Running.
  10. Yoga.
  11. Biking to work.
  12. Seeing huge trees when I step out my front door.
  13. Rain and all the life it brings.
  14. Cooking and baking for family and friends.
  15. Being able to afford healthy food.
  16. Being challenged daily by my children.
  17. Living with a houseful of boys.
  18. Parents that love being grandparents.
  19. In-laws who I love like a second set of parents.
  20. A husband who does everything for his kids.
  21. Friends that have stayed friends for years and across hundreds of miles.
  22. Family and friends that drive hundreds of miles to come visit.
  23. Burning Man.
  24. Camping.
  25. Hiking with Brian.
  26. Watching the complete happiness of our greyhound Ginger as she sprints.
  27. The Oregon coast.
  28. Learning to love who I am.
  29. Being with the same amazing man since I was 16.
  30. All the amazing sunsets I have seen and have yet to see.

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica 5/1/2012

Black Rock City, 9/12/2012

Oregon Coast, 9/22/2012

Bald Peak, OR 1/1/2015

UPDATE: I forgot one of the best things ever. Listening to Brian play his music.