This is part 2 of our unbelizeable adventures in Belize. You can read part 1 here . No tropical vacation is complete without a few days...

Unbelizeable Part 2: Beach Life in Sittee Point

This is part 2 of our unbelizeable adventures in Belize. You can read part 1 here.

No tropical vacation is complete without a few days relaxing on a beautiful beach. With that in mind, we scheduled in a few days in Sittee Point, a few miles outside Hopkins, Belize. We arrived in Hopkins after dark after a 3 hour drive straight from the dock outside Orange Walk where our Lamanai boat tour ended. We stopped at a store for a few necessities (water, tea, and oats so I didn't have to eat out for breakfast) and a small restaurant to grab some dinner, which ended up being a not as good version of what we had for lunch that day (coconut rice & beans and chicken stew). I don't usually eat a lot of meat, so I was sick of chicken by then having eaten it every meal since we'd arrived in Belize. Thankfully the rest of our trip I was able to fill my belly with delicious seafood. Our short drive through Hopkins showed lots of bars, live music, and fun people. We'd fully intended on making it back into town at some point to catch more music, but sadly we did not make time.

The road from Hopkins to Sittee Point had patches that looked like someone had paved it once, long, long ago. Then even that little bit of pavement ended and it was basically washboard the rest of the way. We were thankful it hadn't rained, as I can only image what a mess that drive would've been if it had. We arrived at our little cabana and met our host. Again we had an awesome host, adorable and clean house with a working A.C. (yes!), and this one had a complete kitchen. We headed to bed and enjoyed a wonderful nights sleep knowing we didn't have to wake up early for any reason.

Sand crabs building nests under the trees
Every parent knows what I mean when I say a dream vacation includes sleeping in and days with absolutely no schedule at all. That is what we thoroughly enjoyed for the next 2 days. We relaxed on the beach and read or just stared at the gorgeous surroundings, went for swims in the way too warm ocean (it's still off-putting to me after years of swimming on the Oregon coast!), went for short bike rides or walks down the road (we weren't far from the resort area) to restaurants and bars, and soaked up all the sun we could. This also included a few patches of sunburns (my legs are still peeling) and way more bug bites than we saw bugs. Still trying to figure that one out. Chiggers or clever mosquitoes? Who knows. Oh well, was totally worth it. Lunch even included some karaoke. Because of course there was a Filipino karaoke bar in Belize called "Bahay Fiesta". I seriously love how multi-cultural that country is.

Being near the equator is always a little weird to adjust to the fact that sunset is pretty early year round (6:15pm compared to 8:30pm or later in Oregon this time of year). We opted to walk to dinner that night since we didn't want to ride bikes in the dark, and there was a restaurant a short walk away. Dinner was great, but that meant by the time we finished it was very dark. Our walk back was a little spooky. Our host had warned us not to go wandering into the jungle as there are crocodiles there. Yep, that's right, crocodiles. The jungle comes right to the beach in Belize, so the road we were walking on had jungle on both sides, except where there's a house. I won't lie, I was more than a little afraid of not only crocodiles, but all the awesome, poisonous snakes I read live in Belize. They have no less than 8 very poisonous snakes, several of which are deadly, and one that's aggressive and even sneaks up behind you to attack! I may have turned the flashlight on my phone on to scan the road for creatures before each step. Thankfully, the walk was uneventful, besides the amazing full moon.

Creepy, moonlit walks on the beach anyone?
The next day was more of the same wonderful relaxation on the beach and bike rides to excellent food. For lunch we ate at a place called The Paddle House. I'd never had yucca fries before but oh man were they good! Especially since they came with avocado dip instead of ketchup, and I frickin' love avocados. I also enjoyed delicious seafood and amazing tropical drinks. Seriously best piƱa colada of my life, hands down. I will be attempting to recreate that as well, although I'm positive it was the fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk that made it so good, so I probably won't come close. But I will still try. Or I'll move somewhere tropical. Seriously, how bad could it be living somewhere that naturally grows amazing food? More than once while we were there we said to each other, "so why don't we live here?!"

Couldn't get enough of that view
Our hosts beautiful yard
Nothing helped my recovery more than these days on the beach. I don't remember the last time I was so relaxed for so long. My appetite returned, I ate food that would normally make me sick without issue, I drank a little alcohol without any repercussions, and I spent ZERO time feeling stressed. I quit worrying at each meal and simply reminded myself I was on vacation... from everything included my illness and restrictive diets of late. Before I left home, my naturopath recommended I take Hydrozyme with every meal while on my trip, a digestive supplement that contains hydrochloric acid (stomach acid). This was to help kill any bugs (bacteria or parasites) that could be in food or drinks when you're traveling to new places and eating foreign food. Normally I would have just had a few extra immunizations before we went, but seeing as my immune system was already a wreck, we didn't want to bombard it with immunizations too. So the supplement was my fail-safe. There's a large percentage of people with SIBO and IBS that have low stomach acid, and it's one of the things that is worsened by stress as well. So taking this supplement may very well have added to my recovery. Either way, it didn't hurt, I didn't get sick once on my trip, and I still can't believe how much better I feel still.

The sun was so damn bright!
If you ever make it to Belize, definitely spend a few days on the beach. If you're in need of some serious stress relief like I was, there is no better place. It's so laid back, everyone we met was very friendly, and everywhere you looks is beautiful. Next time we'll make time to check out some of the over 200 islands off the coast of Belize. I feared the boat ride (motion sickness) but now I know it would be worth a groggy day from Dramamine to be snorkeling out there in that amazingly warm and clear water.

My new happy place

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