Happy Thursday! Linking up with Danielle again for another round of Confessions. Or in today's case, some word vomit from me. I'...

The Good and the Bad


Happy Thursday! Linking up with Danielle again for another round of Confessions. Or in today's case, some word vomit from me. I'm a tired and stressed out mess today. So today's post is really a mix of several bad and good things. Such is life.

I confess...

...that here I am, again, writing my confessions at the last minute. I am just not good at posting on a specific day. Too much of life is scheduled, I don't want things I do for fun to be on a schedule too. Takes the fun out if it. Except confessions, it's always a good venting session.

...that I feel like crap. Stomachache, headache, and my knee is killing me again. I don't know if it's my usual IBS/food intolerance flair up or what. But I've been eating really healthy lately so it's just not right. Was it really the 1 glass of wine I had the other day?!

...that I am fed the fuck up with my stomach, as you can no doubt tell from above. Seriously when will I make it longer than a month without a flair up?

...that every time I make some progress towards pain-free running, I end up getting sick or injured. Feels like I'm constantly starting from the bottom. At least I'm still rocking lots of yoga.

...that yoga has been my savior this past year. I am getting so much more from it then ever before. I will just have to write a whole post about it because it won't all fit here.

...that I hate politics and am so sickened by all that's going on that I have been avoiding all news like the plague. Except immigration. That one has my attention. So happy to read about the strike today. Wonder how all those spoiled, rich, white, elitist pricks in DC are enjoying a day without people to do all the hard work for them!

...that Brian and I are planning a trip to Belize in May! Sans kids. Brian's mom is nice enough to come up here and watch the monsters for us. I am so indescribably grateful for all the grandparents. They are just amazing.

...that we bought our plane tickets for Belize a couple weeks ago but still haven't booked hotels or even decided exactly where we're going to stay. We want to see all the Mayan ruins but there are too many spread all over for us to see in 1 week.

...that I feel like a hypocrite for making fun of rich, white people and then talking about planning a vacation. Did I mention that we save up for YEARS before a trip like this? Good, then hopefully you know I'm not a total ass.

...that when I'm feeling down, overly positive people just piss me off. Like I want to punch them in the face. But when I'm feeling up, I'm right there with them saying stupid shit like "let's just be happy every day!"