After my last post about Mommyhood , I felt the desire to follow it up with a post about Brian. As most of you know, Brian has been a stay-...


After my last post about Mommyhood, I felt the desire to follow it up with a post about Brian. As most of you know, Brian has been a stay-at-home daddy with Sebastian since we moved here last March. Anyone who has spent time with us since we've had Sebastian already knows what am amazing father Brian is. But not many of you have been able to witness him in his current role as primary care giver. Let me just say that he is so good at it, that it has made me question societies gender roles even more than I did, which was already quite a lot.

Brian has taken on his responsibilities in a way that I've rarely seen a parent do. He takes care of all Sebastian's basic needs, along with all the housework, without a problem or complaint (something I never could manage without being seriously stressed out or having the house a disaster). And on top of that he has made amazing progress with Sebastian. Sebastian was potty trained during the day by 20 months old, a feet mostly accomplished by Brian in about 2 months. Sebastian's manners are better than many adults. His favorite food is fruit, which is a huge win considering Brian has only recently learned how to eat healthy himself. And you don't ever have to question if Sebastian is happy and having fun. The majority of the day that kid runs around with the biggest grin on his face. He might occasionally melt down into a fit of tears when he doesn't get his way, but within a minute it's over and he's back up and running around with screams of happiness. Oh and did I mention that he even tries to help his daddy clean up? How cute is that.

The best thing about watching them together is seeing how well they understand each other. I hardly see a parent get down on the same level as the child and really play with them. He can entertain Sebastian for hours playing, not just with toys, but chasing games, hide and seek games, random games that don't even have a name. It's like Brian not only remembers being a kid, he can put himself right back there in that moment and actually be a little boy, all the while being a parent and making sure Sebastian is learning something and not breaking anything (mostly). He let's him have fun and never dampens his excitement, something that I have a hard time doing when the excitement is so great he's screaming with glee at a new record decibel. He has more patience then most people I know combined, and can really let Sebastian do things on his own.

I know there are other stay-at-home dad's out there in the world, but I don't personally know any. That makes Brian quite unique as a man, he's willing to do something most men are not- put himself in a "woman's role" so to speak. Honestly how many guys do you know that are willing to even try that? Of course there are many factors that go into this decision, and this sparks a whole debate that is worthy of another post entirely, so I'll save that for later. ;-)

There may be a special bond between mother and child, but Sebastian has a bond with his daddy that is spectacular. Brian being who he is, thinks it's just Sebastian natural demeanor, that he's not doing anything special. But that only proves my point further- it's just being around Brian all day has helped mold Sebastian into such an amazing person. I am so thankful when I leave each day for work knowing that Sebastian is in the hands of Superdad.

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