I wrote a post about how rough my postpartum recovery has been and couldn't bring myself to...

Postpartum Truths

I wrote a post about how rough my postpartum recovery has been and couldn't bring myself to post it because it was just a bunch of whining. And while venting is very helpful, I know it can be quite irritating to listen to and read. Especially when we're talking about baby related things, because after all, it was my choice to have another baby! Instead I've put together a list about the process that may be helpful for those just embarking on a baby journey, or familiar for those who already have. At least they were/are true for me.

  • All wives tales are wrong.
  • Pregnancy will make you gain weight, but you can control how much if you can manage to say no to sweets. Most of them anyway. Or just walk them off.
  • You will probably get at least one stretch mark. No amount of lotion, cream, vitamins, or massage will prevent it. But they will fade.
  • Childbirth is by far the most intense experience of your life.
  • It feels miraculous to NOT be pregnant anymore.
  • You will lose the baby weight if you eat right. No you will not lose it all in 6 weeks nor should you be expected to. Set realistic goals, or better yet, don't worry about it, just focus on taking good care of yourself and don't get on a scale for, mmmm, about a year.
  • Breastfeeding will not make the weight "fall right off". It will make you burn a lot of calories, which means you will be just as hungry as you were when you were pregnant.
  • Your boobs will be huge while you breastfeed, and a sad sight once baby has weaned. There is no natural cure for this, so you will just have to get over it.
  • You will cry. A lot. For no reason. It will be insanely bad the first 2 months postpartum. It will get better.
  • It will probably take longer than 6 weeks to heal. Where did they pull that number out of anyway, their ass?
  • It will take 1-2 years to feel "normal" again. Actually you will never feel normal, your definition of normal will change.
  • You will have moments where you wonder why you thought you could handle a baby (or 2).
  • You will learn your body is capable of something truly amazing.
  • Everything about yourself will change and it will never be the same again. But you will (eventually) realize this is a good thing.

Are these true for anyone else or is it just me? ;)

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  1. Truth. Though for me it was a solid 3 years to feel "normal".